Hi! My name is D.J. I’m an illustrator, designer and animator.

I used to make my living that way, but these days I do it because I can’t not do it. I make art for art’s sake.

I like to create positive and joyful experiences through my art.

From commercial signage to TV animation to magazines and even courtroom demonstratives, I’ve created professional art and animation for over 30 years. My work has been featured in places like Highlights Magazine, Wired, Whisky Advocate, Blue’s Clues, and dozens of books and online courses.

I also invented, designed and independently published a super cool card game called Pants!

I’ve conducted seminars and workshops in: 

  • 2D Animation in After Effects • Motion Graphics Los Angeles
  • 2D Animation • Chicago Children’s International Film Festival
  • Rock Your Clients Client Management Workshop • Gangplank Phoenix
  • Flash Animation • Saturday Academy Portland
  • Social Media for Small Business • Topanga Chamber of Commerce

I live near Chicago with my wife, kids, cat and a ’66 VW Beetle named Helga.

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